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London Liftshare for companies

If parking is an issue for you, you are having trouble recruiting staff because they can’t reach you, or if you just want to do your staff (and your bottom line) a favour, then setting Londonliftshare scheme for your organisation is likely to be a good idea. You can:

Encourage your staff to join the free open access group on, or

Set up a restricted access group for your staff.

  • This facility enables you to establish your own private journey matching scheme within the Londonliftshare site. Your staff will be able to choose to search from either the public scheme if they wish, but the default setting restricts journey data and matches to within your organisation. Some companies prefer the added feeling of security this gives.
  • An Administrator, nominated by you, will have access to some of the data on the group for monitoring and promotional purposes. This may be important if you have a Travel Plan, or want to track uptake and usage.

If you would like to set up a scheme for your staff please contact Liftshare by email to: